AddNib 83

Bonnie Charlie sees his face

Reflected in the notes he holds

Every minute in every place

As the Oracle foretold

Countin his cash at the end o the day

Oer an oer that face will ne’er gan away

Camilla says it’s just twa muckle

An haes a chuckle

Whilst tucking in tae Cornish truckle.

Yon ballad o that bloke ca’d Elon

Ended as the tragedy unfolds

He fa’s

Despite the piles o dosh he holds

Nane wie a picture o Charlie the King

They were heard tae sing

Afore they twittered

An jigged the Heeland fling.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Met men say 2023 will be bilin

Well no quite like that

Even hotter than 22 it’s true

Ain said, afore gan doon wie the flu

Per chap might miss his office party

Let’s wish him tae be hale an hearty

An try tae cheer him up

His condition maks him quite a boor

Every forecast rather dour.

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