The First Draft

For me, the journey towards writing full-time began after much niggling and pushing from my late brother-in-law, Ronnie Thorburn. He was an avid reader and knew I’d always been interested in writing. For many years he’d wanted me to come up with a character that I could take through a series of novels. One of his favourites was Bernard Cornwell’s character Richard Sharpe. I knew historical novels were well outside of my experience and knowledge, but I did manage to come up with a character who has a past, possibly a future – of sorts, who inhabits a more contemporary society.

The idea for my protagonist came to me while I was visiting Ronnie in the intensive care department of the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh. With his dying breath he managed to convince me of his need to see my character come to life. I had my notebook in my bag so began writing, and this was where Tod Peterson was born, only hours before Ronnie died and was able to give me the thumbs-up to go ahead and write the books.

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