Beyond Good & Evil

Ghosts, ghouls, evil spirits, or just the day to day life of Leith private investigators? JP Associates has come up against it this time. Tod in the jail, Callum distracted by business and Daniella, newly out of Africa. Mark le Mot transfixed by love, Bob on his own, missing his right hand – the last thing he needs is to be haunted, especially with love in the air.

Beyond Good & Evil should be on the shelves sometime soon.😱

Reviews on Lullaby of the Soul

“Loving it.”

“Loved Lullaby of the Soul great read picked it up never put it down till the end loved the throw backs and the surprises
Once again Mr Addison another outstanding novel
Canny wait for the next one.’

“Hi Alan, I have just finished reading your book, it was great to take a trip down memory lane through the street names and of course our Leith motto to persevere. I was taken on a journey through the war, experiencing it through the eyes of the characters. As I finished the book a dragonfly landed on me, spiritually it symbolises change, transformation, adaptability, self-realisation and good luck. Thank you for this contribution to the world.

“Hola Alan. Your book Lullaby of the Soul is very good and well written. I enjoyed reading it. Describing the situation in Leith during the First War World. I learnt how the community lived during those years. Felicitaciones and gracias amigo.”

“I couldn’t put this book down. Spent the morning reading it and loved every minute.”

“A storyline that touched the soul.”

“Really enjoyed reading this emotionally charged story.”

“It is so different from the other books yet needed to be written. It bridges them all.”

Comments on Lullaby of the Soul

“Excellent read I give it a 10/10. Makes you think about how so many factors can influence the life you go on to lead and so many not even on a conscious level.”

“I really loved this book. In fact it is one of the best books I have read. Took me right back to where I come from and the things that happened to me.”

“Just finished your latest book. Did it in one sitting (in the garden) I loved it. Keep writing your books are great reading,”

“Received my copy of Lullaby of the Soul yesterday and devoured it in a sitting! Beautifully written and researched. I really enjoyed reading it.”


My dear readers,

I promised to do so, then promptly forgot to inform you that the paperback copy of Lullaby of the Soul is now for sale on Amazon.

I could blame my age, or lockdown, or the recent company of my amazing grandbairns, but truth is I had writers’ block and couldnae think what tae write.

Just glad I finished writing the book before it set in!😘

Lullaby of the Soul

My dear patient readers, as of this morning my 6th book, Lullaby of the Soul, a novella, is available on Kindle. The paperback should be available on Amazon with the next day or two. I’ll let you know asap.

It is part of the JP Associate series, though a wee bit different from the norm. I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.


Was it just my Imagination?

A young, puffy, fluffy, male blackbird landed on the fig tree. It must have been three days ago. It opened its beak to sing, but not one sound came forth.

The next thing the Dad arrived, wearing a black tuxedo and bowtie, and stood beside the young one. Quite obviously a conversation took place and the Dad flew off.

Suddenly young Pav began to sing. High pitched and not much control, but giving it laldy.

Then, from a far distance, Pavarotti’s amazing tones and slowly but surely young Pav’s voice sharpened, became more eloquent, somewhat reminiscent of Bocelli.

A Father’s Instinct

‘It’s only a bird’, said you. ‘Why would you get so wound up about a bird’?

‘Cause it’s not there’, I replied, but you just laughed.

But it wisnae funny. Pavarotti arrived early April and has been singing his heart out from that top most branch of that tallest tree till two days ago.

Then nothing!

You said, ‘He’s probably found a bird’.

But he’s too young for that, isn’t he?

Then you said, ‘He’s probably moved out, found a taller tree.’

But he wouldn’t do that, would he?

Next thing you know, I’ll be wandering the streets and the park looking for him and hoping he’s alright.

A bit daft that really, what if he’s just grown up?

An Early Bird

5am and there he goes, Pavarotti, our resident blackbird giving it laldy from the top most twig of the tallest tree across the back.

He never lets up, and has got me wondering what he is going on about at this ungodly hour.

Is he waiting for someone? Like the mower when Juliana comes.

Is he sent to awaken us from our slumber? Make those lockdown days even longer.

Or is he just what he says? A wonderful sign that the days are warming, that our lockdown is easing, and that glorious Summer is just round the corner!