There are a great many community minded people out there. I learned that working in Community Education and from my neighbours delivering goods to our door during lockdown.

Not everyone cries “What about me?” when faced with the traumas brought about by Covid19 and I was so chuffed to learn that my youngest Son was thinking of others when he decided that the best way to help those hardest to reach, those with little money and fewer prospects, was to offer his counselling and hypnotherapy services free to all and to fund his work through Gofundme.

Take a look at his project and if you feel inclined, please donate – this project, and this man, are going to help an awful lot of people.

See Clearmindborders, The Community Minded Project on Facebook, Istagram etc.

Thank you for listening! Alan

Above, Below & Beyond

Above the snow folk slid, children laughed and played and A&E filled up with walking wounded.

On Sunday the snow began to melt.

Below the snow, hidden from sight, aconites and snowdrops awaited their moment; robins and bluetits looked on, saying nothing.

Monday arrived with the sound of birds cascading through the quiet streets and gardens and bankings burst forth their hidden joys.

Surely, it must be Spring.

This Time

If I were a watchmaker I might choose Automaton as the name for my 2021 model.

It would measure exactly each movement of my day. It would check my pulse repeatedly whilst I hung on every word in the daily Covid briefing.

It would measure my length of stride when on my daily exercise walks and squawk if someone got too near.

The tick would match my heartbeat when I woke in the middle of the night, as now, and force me to my phone, as if predictive. ⏰

Project Update

Just a wee thumbs up for those interested in creative writing and self-publishing, it is my intention to run a series of 6 webinars on writing for self-publishing.

The 6 x 1hr sessions (1 per week) will begin in April and be held on Zoom for webinar.

There will be a detailed programme published in February and participants will be able to book for one session or for all six at a reduced cost. There will also be a short You-Tube video introduction to give interested parties an insight into the course.

Please continue to check my social media for information or email me at for updates.

Thank you, Alan

Hogmanay 2020

What a year. Did you hear the music? That steady down beat so sad music of humanity.

That song, that lullaby of the soul. The one the sends our souls to sleep.

No more your torturous cords, quite down you sirens of disquiet.

A New Year is coming! Sing out you human choir and drown that dreadful sound.

Let love and life abound.

Christmas 2020

Of all the words I could use to describe the build up to this Christmas, words that describe isolation, frustration, hopelessness, fear and bewilderment, the one that continually comes to mind is kindness.

Whether on walks in the park, distanced from others by the two metre obligation, or when meeting delivery drivers at the front door I am constantly struck by their genuine smile and greeting. No word can describe these events more to me than kindness.

Meeting neighbours across a fence or finding a plate of mince pies or chocolates lying at the door as the echo of the doorbell dies away, and no sign of the giver.

With all we have to cope with, which might have made this the worst Christmas ever, it becomes more manageable, more human, more profound by that action we describe as kindness.