A Conversation Piece

‘Correct me if I’m wrong Tod, but if the Chancellor removes the cap on bankers’ bonuses then banks put interest rates up, does that mean that bankers can then take bigger bonuses?’

‘I’m afraid it does Bob.’ Tod could feel the same old anger grip at his neck. He turned so his friend couldn’t see him grit his teeth. ‘I’m afraid it does Bob.’

‘And if that same Chancellor lowers taxes for the top 1% does that mean they’ll pay less tax on those bonuses?’

‘Bob, can we change the subject, please! I’m on remission remember!’

My Dearest Readers

This morning, the 17th of September and on a glorious sunny day here in Leith, I have published The Damask Weaver on Amazon, in both Kindle and Paperback versions.
Now it may take up to two days for the Kindle version to appear for sale and up to three days for the paperback. I’ll let you know if and when I see it for sale, but then you might see it first.
Thank you again for biding your time with me. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Patience is a Virtue

To all you virtuous readers out there I wish to thank you for your patience. The Damask Weaver has gone from one forensic lab to another, been dissected, disarmed, studied and given umpteen facelifts and tucks but he is now about ready for the road.

Yes, he’s missed the Spring and Summer but Autumn was always his favourite season, particularly September when that cooling air cools our ardour and gives us time to take breath.

And as you do, watch out for the Weaver, you’ll recognise him from the cut of his cloth.

AddNib 76

1st June

“I did break no code!

That is just a tad overload,

I merely had a swig, or two –

Whilst laughing loudly,

Mainly at YOU!”

Dinnae turn up early for yer flight,

An it micht be awright oan the night,

Or ye micht be stranded

Cause oer many folk hae landed

An no enough planes, tae be candid.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

This is nae a bummer dude,

At last it’s summer, sae dinnae be rude

An say oor climate isnae good.

When yesterday a wore ma shorts,

Noo dinnae gie me smart retorts

But A’d made that mistake again,

Withoot a doobt,

Dinnae cast a cloot

Till May is oot.😫🥴🥶

AddNib 75

27th May

Abba oan a virtual tour

MacGregor back wie Obi

Time for us tae relive oor past

Play fitba in the loaby.

Ross disnae half talk some dross,

“He should, he shouldnae,

He could, he couldnae,

He micht but wouldnae.

Whar A’m A,

Whae A’m A

A sheep, or maybe jist a lama?”

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

High winds an high clouds

Hae yer washin dance like shrouds

“Weel done cutty sark”

Leave it oot tae efter dark

Nae rain will fa tae spile it,

But if it does it wisnae me,

Complaints in writing please

Tae the BBC.

AddNib 74

26th May

Indestructible money lobby

Stinks awfie like a jobby

When citizens die alone

As PM toasts his own.🥃

Plebiscite’s a distorted sight

When yer vote turns tae laughs,

An gaffs

An guffaws

That echo roond the money ha’s.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Dark clouds loomin oer the UK

Sae dinnae think that aw’s okay

Fir the nightmare oan civvy street

Will no gan away

Weel certainly no the day!😫