Dear Readers

I hope you’ve not over indulged oer much this Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

I wanted to let you know that thanks to my great friend Al Wilson I now have a new publishing platform, LULU. At the moment my first three novel, Justified Sinner, Treaty Of Union and Shaking Hands with a Tarantula are on their site so just pop LULU into your search engine and you’re there and you’ll find them for sale. Through time they will also be distributed to other sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.

Al and I are working hard to get the other novels for sale soon so please bear with us.

That only leaves me to wish you all a very Happy Ne’er Day and all next year through.



Some say “Merry”

Ithers “Happy”

Yet ithers say nowt

Sittin boozin at the nappy.

A smile is aw it taks

Tae brighten up oor day

Turn yon Christmas Gremlins away

An a smile is whit A give

Ne’re tell ye how tae live,

Nor what tae say or how tae say it

That smile that A ask

Will turn this world around

An like yon child in the manger

Hae ye sleeping sound.๐ŸŒ

AddNib 84

O Rich eh O winnae budge

Sittin at the tellie eatin fudge

“Darling could you check the till?”

“It’s awright Rich eh O,

We still have 730 mill.

Musk steps doon that far

“Boss, ye were heading for a star,

Jist cause some say ye’re a nutter

Tak yer bonnie eye aff yon gutter –

Keek aince mair up tae the sky

See yer comet soaring by.”

“Listen Bud, tis but a meteorite

Crashing doon tae earth

A dirty disillusioned chunk,

Wie a debunked clunk.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Twa forecast that a huv

Oan this very phone A luv

The first is oan the frontispiece

Ye’ll need tae wear yer fleece

It says rain wa tae wa will fa

But wie ain flick o ma trigger finger

The rain it disnae linger

For twa pages in’s the BBC

Proper English cast

It says yon rain it winnae last

So whit’s a forecaster tae dae

A ken,

Hoy the bloody phone away!

Tis gone.๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด

AddNib 83

Bonnie Charlie sees his face

Reflected in the notes he holds

Every minute in every place

As the Oracle foretold

Countin his cash at the end o the day

Oer an oer that face will ne’er gan away

Camilla says it’s just twa muckle

An haes a chuckle

Whilst tucking in tae Cornish truckle.

Yon ballad o that bloke ca’d Elon

Ended as the tragedy unfolds

He fa’s

Despite the piles o dosh he holds

Nane wie a picture o Charlie the King

They were heard tae sing

Afore they twittered

An jigged the Heeland fling.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Met men say 2023 will be bilin

Well no quite like that

Even hotter than 22 it’s true

Ain said, afore gan doon wie the flu

Per chap might miss his office party

Let’s wish him tae be hale an hearty

An try tae cheer him up

His condition maks him quite a boor

Every forecast rather dour.

AddNib 82

Dowdy not is Dowden

Pleading wie they nurses no tae strike

A tricky wee second job

Worth an extra few bob

Taen his tak hame pay

Tae ยฃ155,000 a year –

ยฃ500 a day buys some beer

An fairness fas oan yet anither deaf ear!

Here’s yer chance tae vote fir Musk

Better tae pick up yer moothie

Gan oot an busk

An sing the ballad o per Elon

Sang tae the tune o Get it On.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Soaring temperatures tae hit UK

Aw yon snaw hae gan away

Sunglesses an sandals oot the day

At last the Warming hits oor shores.

Ne’re mind the blue Azores.

Book fir somewhere nice an warm

Burntisland or Kinghorn.๐Ÿ„โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿšฃโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐ŸŒ๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ

AddNib 81

Ca me gullible


Yon former Bank o England boss

Yet anither that disnae gie a toss

The Climate Change Advocate

Talks big oan leaves an twigs

Then sells them aff fir plunder

An banks anither few hunder

Thousand $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Brazil con Carney’s

Too hot for ma taste

Anither bloody forest laid waste!

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

They say it’s gonnae snaw the day

If the forecasters hae thir say

A just wish it wid go away

Let opportunity knocks

An bring oan that long awaited


AddNib 80

Here’s a surprise

Anither interest rate rise

Borrowers micht feel the pinch

Wait a mo, dis pinch no mean tae steal?

Savers in the pink

A think A detect a stink

A Musky type o smell Oh Richy eh O

Hae nae doubt

Addnib will find ye buggers out!

The ither nicht across the park

Jist efter dark

A keeked intae a top flare windae

An saw a sicht A thoucht A widnae

A wifie in a big thick coat an scarf

Round a candle oan a worktop

Oh dearest Rich eh O

Yon stealin’s gonnae hae tae stop

Fir aw yer gain

Thir’s far twa muckle folk in pain!

AddNibs Weather WARNING

Nae end in sicht

But micht be awright the nicht

A boucht myself a vapour rub

An a video

O the White Heather Club.

AddNib 79

During the nicht

A got an awfie fricht

Glancin at yon Smart Meter

A thoucht, that cannae be richt

Fir the middle o the nicht

A wis in ma kip be 10 o’clock

An ne’er switched an amp

An noo the hoose is gettin cauld

The wa’s are showin signs o damp

There’s an awfie Musky smell,

Noo A’m no the world’s richest man

Fir tea A micht manage a tattie fritter

An listen tae the budgie Twitter

Or tweet like Fried wie hints o remorse,

Jist another horse of course.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Yesterday a ventured oer the park

Shouldnae hae left it tae efter dark

A didnae see that glint o ice

An fell oan me bahookie,

An let me tell ye, A ain’t nae rookie

So mind how ye go

Jist because thir’s nae a hint o snow;

Be cool, be calm an tak things slow

Ye’ll still git there in a tick or mo.

AddNib 78

It must be cauld EU Vice President’s

Assets hae frozen

President’s in shock

EU caught between a rock

An a hard place.

Major rail strikes begin

So Rich eh O is staying in

Thinks thirs nowt much sweeter

Than haen a prepaid meter

An a braw handmade plate o stew,

Ye see the payer o yon meter –


AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Minus seven through the nicht

Got up fir a pee

Whit a fricht

A’d left ma slippers ben the room

Could see ma breath

An condensation spelled oot doom

Ma trusted Smart Meter said oer a pound

Wie nothing oan that could be found,

Ne’er mind o Rich eh O

Yer shares in Power are rising tae

The Power Smart Buggers

Hae not gone away.

Noo where’s they slippers?๐Ÿฅถ