AddNib 57

30th April

Ne’re mind aboot the weather,

Venus an Jupiter hae goat it thegither.

Ken whaer A’ll be headin-

Ayways preferred a Saturday weddin.💏

Chancerlor gans back oan his word,

Na, impossible, that’s absurd

MPs dinnae lie,

Or treat folk tae pie in the sky.

No like that bloke fae York,

Haen a tongue like a spiked fork.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

The trouble wie rain the day,

Ye’ll no ken if it’s the dew o May

When ra morra ye bow yer head,

It micht be Sunday’s rain instead.🙄

AddNib 56

29th April

Lynx could be broucht back,🐈

So tak care if yer oot oan a track

Their favourite grub is walkers,

Game keepers an stalkers!👨‍🌾

No Mow May

Says leave yer grass the day,

An ra morra tae

An aw the floers will blossom

An micht help hide yon possum,

Or wis it a lynx ye’ll find?

Tae be honest, A cannae mind.🙄

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Watch when hingin oot yer claithes

In yon bright an sunny days

Ye dinnae tred oan wild floers

Or disturb yon cat –

As in yer gress it coers.🙏

AddNib 55

28th April

Chancerlor says helping folk is silly,

Tis better tae go hungry, willy-nilly.

Keekin forit tae the weekend,

Loads and loads o dosh tae spend.

Teviothead is head o it’s time,

Haen a man o colour,

Teachin maths an rhyme

Wish he had been mine!!!

Tom Jenkins man o repute,

A trail blazer, withoot a doobt.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Sand far the Sahara up yer nose,

Buy a camel, see how it goes.🐫

Azure blue fae wa tae wa

But watch yer camel disnae fa

Doon ain o yon trenches oan oor roads,

Tak a chance an see how it goes.

Like me nae doobt, humpty bump,

Tis nae wonder A tak the hump!🚴‍♂️

AddNib 54

27th April

Oh oh P&O

Mind how ye go,

Or dinnae, as the case may be,

Forlornly lost at sea.

Vampire devices cost us dear,

Twa sharp teeth an a nasty sneer!🧛‍♂️

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Temp hardly higher than ten

No like the prices then,

Shooting up like rockets

A great big hole in wir pockets!

AddNib 53

26th April

Heads cannae tak the strain

No enough dosh an twa much pain!👨‍🎓

Driverless buses

Will ca some cusses

Hae ye livin oan forlorn hope

That at yer bus stop they will stoap.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Be aware o canvassers,

In aw shapes an sizes

A received a letter fae ain

That looked like A’d won some prizes.

Whit a letter o introduction?

Fae a sucker oan full suction!

“Would you care to give your vote?

I care for you an awful loat.”

AddNib 52

25th April

See, telt ye –

Macron est mightier than le Pen!

C’est time for a vacance,

But mind an use yer nonce

Watch how ye go;

Ye’ll no ken if it’s back or forward

If ye go wie P&O.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Keekin oot the widnae

A tee-shirt ye’ll want tae don,

But dinnae forget,

Yer central heating’s on.

Step oot that door withoot a coat,

Ye’ll be back inside

Faster than McGinty’s goat.🐐

AddNib 51

23rd April

Sacre bleu il est trading taunts

Oan ain o le President’s jaunts,

Mots that winae come tae haunt –


Isle’s boats are aging

Islanders are raging

Government is waging

Top dogs tae plug the gap.

Hope it’s no just an empty yap.⛴

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Blossoms are oot afore May

Bluebells are coming oot tae

Yon sun shines fae morning tae night,

Making a brek fir meteorologists jist right.

See ye Monday!👍

AddNib 50

22nd April

Mickey stripped o special status,

Wonder where yon Bill wie leave us

Life in a techno cartoon?

Comin tae a tellie near you fairly soon.

By Eck a convention

Wie nae mair tae mention

Than an image in reflection –

Tis time for AddNib’s defection.🏃‍♂️

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Wild fires mair abundant

Risin tides o new incumbents

Keeks like yon Summer o discontent,

But worry not,

It shall be gaun afore it went.😊

AddNib 49

21st April

PM stalls anither probe,

As he shoots aff roond the globe –

But no tae Uranus, the menace!

Persons unknown wie ears overblown

Seperate the noise o mammals fae fish,

Must hae lugs like a satellite dish.👂

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Suffers o the pollen

Twid appear that they hae fallen

Victim tae their itchy nose

Ain sneeze an panic in the ranks,🤧

Deserted withoot a bye or thanks.😷

AddNib 48

20th April

Uranus is a must

Fir science says it’s boom or bust

But it’s hard tae get yon umpteen miles

An it’s gie sair oan the piles.

Scottish Power

Says that the guid times are oer

Says we’ll suffer damage.

But AddNib’s sure they’ll manage.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Mair sun than cloud

Ye cry aloud

Fair chuffed it’s gettin warm

But dinnae forget yon midges,

It’s no lang till they’ll swarm.🦟