AddNib 84

O Rich eh O winnae budge

Sittin at the tellie eatin fudge

“Darling could you check the till?”

“It’s awright Rich eh O,

We still have 730 mill.

Musk steps doon that far

“Boss, ye were heading for a star,

Jist cause some say ye’re a nutter

Tak yer bonnie eye aff yon gutter –

Keek aince mair up tae the sky

See yer comet soaring by.”

“Listen Bud, tis but a meteorite

Crashing doon tae earth

A dirty disillusioned chunk,

Wie a debunked clunk.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Twa forecast that a huv

Oan this very phone A luv

The first is oan the frontispiece

Ye’ll need tae wear yer fleece

It says rain wa tae wa will fa

But wie ain flick o ma trigger finger

The rain it disnae linger

For twa pages in’s the BBC

Proper English cast

It says yon rain it winnae last

So whit’s a forecaster tae dae

A ken,

Hoy the bloody phone away!

Tis gone.😴😴😴

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