AddNib 86

Raab says he isnae a bully

An he means whit he says, truly.

Ye see he learned fae the best

How tae lie through yer vest

Silk vests muffle sound

Better even than a Boris round

O drinks that ne’er happened.

A see a nice wee island’s fir sale

A measly huner an fifty grand

An nine miles awa fae land

Whit aboot a Scottish Alcatraz

Wie drink an blaff an aw that jazz

Extended holidays fir forked tongues

Naebody aroond tae gie ye bungs?

Aye, a scribe can only but dream.

AddNib’s weather WARNING

Wa tae wa sun till 11 o’clock

Then ye can discard yer 50 sun block

An howk oot the mouldy brolly

The efternin is no sae jolly!

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