All in a Days Work

Centrica post profits 3 times mair

Than whit they posted yesteryear

Whae says opportunity disnae knock

Gaun post it through ma letterbox

Instead o yon Sheriff’s letter

Haen me taen awa in an iron fetter.

SNP gan keekin fir a leader

Pity help the bleeder

Sae much dribble,

Micht hae tae wear a feeder.

Yon rise no big enouch fir the EIS

Weel it kens best,

A teaching degree scrivven oan its vest.

An yin day rolls oan tae the next

Wie soaring profs fir some

An ither prof cast oan its bum

While we sit waitin in the wings

Until anither hopefu cuckoo sings.

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