AddNib 80

Here’s a surprise

Anither interest rate rise

Borrowers micht feel the pinch

Wait a mo, dis pinch no mean tae steal?

Savers in the pink

A think A detect a stink

A Musky type o smell Oh Richy eh O

Hae nae doubt

Addnib will find ye buggers out!

The ither nicht across the park

Jist efter dark

A keeked intae a top flare windae

An saw a sicht A thoucht A widnae

A wifie in a big thick coat an scarf

Round a candle oan a worktop

Oh dearest Rich eh O

Yon stealin’s gonnae hae tae stop

Fir aw yer gain

Thir’s far twa muckle folk in pain!

AddNibs Weather WARNING

Nae end in sicht

But micht be awright the nicht

A boucht myself a vapour rub

An a video

O the White Heather Club.

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