AddNib 79

During the nicht

A got an awfie fricht

Glancin at yon Smart Meter

A thoucht, that cannae be richt

Fir the middle o the nicht

A wis in ma kip be 10 o’clock

An ne’er switched an amp

An noo the hoose is gettin cauld

The wa’s are showin signs o damp

There’s an awfie Musky smell,

Noo A’m no the world’s richest man

Fir tea A micht manage a tattie fritter

An listen tae the budgie Twitter

Or tweet like Fried wie hints o remorse,

Jist another horse of course.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Yesterday a ventured oer the park

Shouldnae hae left it tae efter dark

A didnae see that glint o ice

An fell oan me bahookie,

An let me tell ye, A ain’t nae rookie

So mind how ye go

Jist because thir’s nae a hint o snow;

Be cool, be calm an tak things slow

Ye’ll still git there in a tick or mo.

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