AddNib 78

It must be cauld EU Vice President’s

Assets hae frozen

President’s in shock

EU caught between a rock

An a hard place.

Major rail strikes begin

So Rich eh O is staying in

Thinks thirs nowt much sweeter

Than haen a prepaid meter

An a braw handmade plate o stew,

Ye see the payer o yon meter –


AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Minus seven through the nicht

Got up fir a pee

Whit a fricht

A’d left ma slippers ben the room

Could see ma breath

An condensation spelled oot doom

Ma trusted Smart Meter said oer a pound

Wie nothing oan that could be found,

Ne’er mind o Rich eh O

Yer shares in Power are rising tae

The Power Smart Buggers

Hae not gone away.

Noo where’s they slippers?🥶

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