AddNib 76

1st June

“I did break no code!

That is just a tad overload,

I merely had a swig, or two –

Whilst laughing loudly,

Mainly at YOU!”

Dinnae turn up early for yer flight,

An it micht be awright oan the night,

Or ye micht be stranded

Cause oer many folk hae landed

An no enough planes, tae be candid.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

This is nae a bummer dude,

At last it’s summer, sae dinnae be rude

An say oor climate isnae good.

When yesterday a wore ma shorts,

Noo dinnae gie me smart retorts

But A’d made that mistake again,

Withoot a doobt,

Dinnae cast a cloot

Till May is oot.😫🥴🥶

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