AddNib 75

27th May

Abba oan a virtual tour

MacGregor back wie Obi

Time for us tae relive oor past

Play fitba in the loaby.

Ross disnae half talk some dross,

“He should, he shouldnae,

He could, he couldnae,

He micht but wouldnae.

Whar A’m A,

Whae A’m A

A sheep, or maybe jist a lama?”

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

High winds an high clouds

Hae yer washin dance like shrouds

“Weel done cutty sark”

Leave it oot tae efter dark

Nae rain will fa tae spile it,

But if it does it wisnae me,

Complaints in writing please

Tae the BBC.

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