AddNib 46

18th April

Morgan oan the organ

Plays that same auld tune,

Life’s a farce, but whae’s the arse,

Yon round aboot goin roon and roon.

An noo A’ve got tae ask,

A mask, or no a mask?

That is the question.

Whether it is nobler oan the neb,

Like yon guid civic pleb Ian,

Or a leader withoot a feeder

Tis better oer the gob?

Suppose depends yer job.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Nowt much tae moan aboot,

It does appear oor Summer’s takin root.

Unless like moi ye’ve got a fever

As cutters come wie scythe an cleaver

An pollen taks aff in the air,🌻

Leaving yer ned an eyes richt sair.🤧

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