AddNib 47

19th April

Whilst ensconced upon his throne

Rees dictates a civil word from home

“There shall be no home working,

As I feel that you are shirking!”

Nicola gets a telling aff,

Bet the polis had a laugh –

Thinkin oan yon TV gaff.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

The temp’s still goin up an doun,

Disnae haud yon tourists back

Fae fillin up oor toun,😎

Och, whits wrong wie that, it winnae last,

No if we could just hae ain mair Arctic blast.🙏

One thought on “AddNib 47

  1. What a talent Alan. I just wonder if Miss Cormack saw that in you at Primary school.
    Back in Scotland for one of my cousin’s funeral. Staying with ma wee brother Paul Collins in Drylaw. He says he knows you as he worked at Pilton Retreat. Says hello. He just ordered your books. Cheers,


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