AddNib 10

2nd March

Scottish Labour dumps the rose,

Tries MacDiarmid’s thistle,

Tae see how it goes.

Denzel plays Macbeth

“How dae ye say yer name” they shout,

“Disnae matter” he says,

“It’s much ado aboot nowt.”

Yon new job goes

Tae Nicola Benedetti

But she’ll need mair deodorant

A fiddlers elbae

Maks ain’s oxters very sweaty

Twa thoosand twa huner rise

Fir MPs is their prize

Four thoosand luxury cars

Drooned oan the seabed

That the exact same amount o trainers,

Very strange indeed.🕵️‍♂️

AddNib weather WARNING

Yer messages will rise faster than the sun the day cause inflation hasnae gaun away.

Tis but a breeze for a rising some,

Fir yet mair ithers, pure dismay.

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