AddNib 8

28th February

Nae need tae leap oot o bed

Fir it’s no a leap year they said

Disnae mak muckle sense –

Tae me an mine,

In a leap year Feb has twenty-nine

Then that wuman found an account

Had grown tae a rather large amount

Urges us aw tae search the hoose

In case we’ve got a forgotten stash

Some paperwork tae turn intae cash

Chance wid be a fine thing!

Mair actors receiving accolades

This time for brilliance and resilience

Must be a poet in yon judges’ midst

Either that or they were…

Brahms and Liszt

And now fir AddNibs weather WARNING

The day is much tae be desired,

But the morn sees the orb well-fired

Like the rolls wie Sunday’s fayre

(Enough tae mak a meteorologist glad)

That he’s retired,


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