AddNib 7

27th February

A’m pleased tae report fae the deluge,

Scots will gie Ukrainians refuge.

But the French will no be seen,

Beatin the lads thirty-six tae seventeen.

But there’s always good news

Oan the back o the bad news

An the good news?

There’s nae news.

Well no worth writin about anywie…

Oh except four thoosand wigs hae been taen fae the back o a lorry jist aff the A1…

Police are still combing the area.🕵️‍♂️

And now AddNibs weather WARNING

Nae rain, nae wind, an wa tae wa sun

Time tae put aff yer tellies,

Cause come Monday,

Yer gonnae need yer wellies!

2 thoughts on “AddNib 7

    1. Thank you Mairi, I’ve got to say I am enjoying it. It was my Uncle Bert Mackie who directed me towards writing when I was 15 years old. He was a journalist and wrote over 9000 poems on a daily basis in the Evening News under the pen name MacNib. My rendition is a wee memorial to him.
      If you could get any friends, family etc to “follow” my website they would get an email to let them know the blog was live.
      Thanks Pal.


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