AddNib 69

19th May

Bogie Betty dis her round

Wie slippers only an inch fae the ground,

A wary an a scary tale

Aw the wie fae Carbisdale.

Third time lucky

Micht mak the Borders plucky

An the Cooncellor prood

Tae be a Borders Cooncil dude

Effect an innings that aw will remember

Even though it will end by September.😥

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

At last the Orb goes wa tae wa,

Na cloods, nae wind, nae rain at aw!😊

Tae the beach ye’ll aw be filin

Except fir those, like moi, whae hate tae be bilin

We’ll no be smilin.😫

Have a nice day!🗽

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