AddNib 68

18th May

Swinger dis 36 hoors in ain go,

Fairly pittin oan a show

Whilst bairns waitin oan thir shot,

Think the hale thing toffee rot.

Borders Cooncil tae fix thir highways,

Repair the tar oan aw the byways,

“Withoot pitfalls or potholes”,

A thing cyclists cannae thole!

Bit whit aboot the Borders bairns?

Fir years they thoucht folk wirnae carin

When thir trikes cam asunder

Oan the Borders fancy hunder!

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

No a bad day the day,

Though the cloods hanae gain away

An neither his manky May.

A micht be wrang,

But dis Manky May soond like a sang?

Weel ma guitar string jist went twang!

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