AddNib 34

30th March

Gaun yersel Mister Secretary

A man of substantial wealth,

But no very guid fir the health

O the folk whaer tryin tae park

Sill FREE says you,

As long as it’s efter dark.

Infections high,

But satisfaction’s low

Here we go, here we go, here we go

The clapping turns tae SLOW.

AddNib’s weather WARNING

A should hae heeded ma ain advice

An no tried tae light the BBQ

Mair than twice

For last night wis no very nice!🥴

An the night’s nae better.


Fir them wie a birthday this week

Try no tae end up seik

Even wie nae cooker an sink,

The week after next,

Ye’ll be in the pink.😎🥳

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