AddNib 33

29th March

Wir oan oor wie tae Rothsey oh

If ye own the Auld Forge,

Ye dinnae hae the richt tae gorge,

Nor yer drink tae swill

That wid be at best a bitter pill.

Folk fae the West,

Thoucht Edinburgh best

An it wisnae fir the wages

Comin aw yon wie

In yon Dark Ages.

AddNib’s weather WARNING

The day will be bright an breezy

So ye can tak it easy.🌻

But as foretold oan yer favourite channel

Ye’d better grip yer brolly by the hanel,☂️

Tight, fir creepin in the night…⛈

Bloody murder will be aboot,🥶

Or at least that’s whit ye’ll shoot.😫

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