AddNib 30

25th March

Ye couldnae mak it up

The ice in the North gets thicker –


Some say thit Cooncellirs dae tae.

Thir closin up the lums

Yon wicked set o bums

Are pittin yon fires oot

As the moontain screams an shoots,

“It’s far to cauld up here,🤧

Light yer fire, hae some cheer”!

AddNib’s weather WARNING

See A telt ye

As soon as the sun chairs came oot,

An the Spring bulbs an floers tak root,

An the shoaps hae nae kindlin left

O candles an coal thir bereft

Doon it comes!🥶

Weel mind thit the bums

Thit ye vote fir in May,👨‍🎓

Left the folk in the Heelands

On ice an dismay🥴

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