AddNib 29

24th March

Chancer lor is oor hero

Tae squeeze the cost o livin

Taks yon fuel tax doon tae zero,

But wait, A must hae had a dream

Aw is no whit it wid seem

Nothin maks any sense –

Save ma soul, a mere five pence?

BB hawks a ring an no fir a bet

But tae ease aff that sweat

Fae a game played on Court

Avoidance maks nae sense

Noo we’re five pence deep in clover,

He can fill his wee Range Rover.

AddNib’s weather WARNING

Yon barometer wis richt enough

Oor days are filled wie Spring like stuff🐣

An a bet ye say that A’m absurd

When A tell ye but mark ma wurd

Six days ra morra nae lamb will bleat🐑

Fir the forecast is for rain an sleet.🥶

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