AddNib 27

22nd March

Aberdonians shift an shake

An no due tae that Viking quake

It’s mair tae dae wie oil

Thir bank’s aboot tae spoil.

Lib Dems ca soonds mair like a yelp

Cawin oor leader fir some help,

It’s no that they are braggin

Fae the back o yon bandwagin.

They jist want tae pay thir way,

Git ye tae believe in aw they say.😎

AddNib’s weather WARNING

Sweet sixteen ma barometer reads

Yon forecast for the day!🌻

At last we can announce,

That Winter’s gaun away –

Aye right.

What aboot that day A beg,

When rollin ma lovely Easter egg –

The day yon snaw came in a blast

An folk said “It winnae last”

An did, as long as ma plastercast.⛷

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