AddNib 26

21st March

Going intae debt is somethin tae hate,

Unless like Kate,

Ye’d loads o chocolate.

Noo A’m no talking sleaze,

It’s the word oan the streets fae Belize.

But thir’s help in yon Chancerlors letter,

Ye’ll no be oan yer fetter

Better hurry, the Sunak the better.

Scotland’s tae shrink!

Some say it’s the drink,

Ithers say the speaker needs a Shrink.

AddNib’s weather WARNING

No muckle much tae say

Except it’ll be sunny the day

An ramorra tae.🤩

Ain day like anither,

Could ye ca that a clone?

Aye, A’m sure,

But A’ll still fin a moan.😫

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