AddNib 17

10th March

Chancer llor faces tough ca

Afore headin tae the ba

Whether tae choose the caviar

Or nae dinner at aw

Schoolboy pitches water bottle

At a room fu o MSPs

“And is it pure” ain’s heard tae ask,

Reachin fir his silver flask.

Twa thoosand books in a skip

Enough tae mak yon writer flip,

In case yin’s ain o their’s-

But surely no?

Local hero movie maker

Becomes a mover an shaker

Does it aw withoot a blip –

Jist keep yer een oan yon skip.

AddNib’s weather WARNING

Light cloud an fresh breeze

Can still hae a pensioner oan thir knees

If they gan withoot a scarf

Folk’ll say thir haen a larf

While ithers whisper

“Big galoot

Probably thinks that May is oot.”🥶

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