AddNib 12

4th March

Giant bats in Gleska fly

Search the streets o Gotham

Fir a mutton pie.

Better gettin oan yer bike

April sees a Cooncil hike.

Nighthoods fir the likes o those,

An sic as those –

Keeps the MPs oan thir toes,

Or bended knee.

It’s proved at last…

That gambling disnae pay,

Ain hunner an seventy million

Short the day

An only three hunner million fee

Tae live oan – per soul…

Sounds like laundering tae me

AddNib weather WARNING

Oot tae play’s fir mugs,

Cause it’s raining cats an dugs.

But if needs must

Then hope an pray,

Ye dinnae get clunked

Wie a mangy stray.🐕

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