AddNib 87

Beasty caught red-handed

Wie drugs that wirnie branded

An a poke o chips wie vinegar an salt,

Oan the M74 the polis ca’d a halt

Tae that kinda thing,

Anyin wid think it wis Spring.

Scotland’s politics in disarray.

Aw the fundins gaun away

So’s the folk that count it.

Last seen heading doon the M74

Wie a poke o chips an somethin more.

AddNib’s weather WARNING

Any chance ye hud

O savin oan yer heatin, forget it bud.

The thermo in the ha says -1

A’m pennin this in fingerless gloves, noo that’s nae fun…A can tell ye!

This is causin pandemonium,

Think I’ll go tae a condominium…

In Florida!

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