AddNib 77

Noo dinnae panic,

A huvnae died an gaun tae Heaven

As if ye wid says you

Weel nae luck it’s true

He’s back, yer intrepid Gumshoe.

Nae sign o Rich eh though;

Micht hae taen a turn fir the worst?

Or maybe no –

Anywie o Rich eh O

Mind how ye go, it’s cauld oot there

There snaw an ice upon the stair;

The yin that goes doon, as weel as up

The yin that spills the bubbly,

Afore ye can “lovely jubbly.”

Thir’s folk o every age,

Where life is no a stage –

Whae are cauld an hungry

An cannae meet thir bills

Nae matter how they try

But watch oot Richy O

Fir in his grave auld AddNib disnae lie,

Like Zoro strikes his mark in ink

An micht just guide us fae this stink

Nae promise mind o being in the pink

But maybe jist scratch thir armour

Enough tae mak a chink.

AddNib’s Weather Warning

If ye, like me, are gettin auld

Stay in, fir ootside’s awfie cauld

So is in says you

Yer right

But power profits say

It will be awright oan the night.

But then they dinnae half talk some shite!!!

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