AddNib 55

28th April

Chancerlor says helping folk is silly,

Tis better tae go hungry, willy-nilly.

Keekin forit tae the weekend,

Loads and loads o dosh tae spend.

Teviothead is head o it’s time,

Haen a man o colour,

Teachin maths an rhyme

Wish he had been mine!!!

Tom Jenkins man o repute,

A trail blazer, withoot a doobt.

AddNib’s Weather WARNING

Sand far the Sahara up yer nose,

Buy a camel, see how it goes.🐫

Azure blue fae wa tae wa

But watch yer camel disnae fa

Doon ain o yon trenches oan oor roads,

Tak a chance an see how it goes.

Like me nae doobt, humpty bump,

Tis nae wonder A tak the hump!🚴‍♂️

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