AddNib 39

5th April

Derby cleaneruppers tak a brek,

Crumbs, they’re up tae thir neck

They called, no kennin whit else tae do,

“Let’s hae a proper brew.”

140 polis stations shut

Talk about cracking a hard nut

They’ll ne’er find the 4000 trainers now

Or no until they come hame wie yon cow.

AddNib’s weather WARNING

Weel whit mair can A say

Aboot this manky day?

It will be phishing (somewhat unpleasant)

Even for a struttin pheasant.🦜

Even emojis can be inappropriate

When ye’ve slept in and yer late.🥴

3 thoughts on “AddNib 39

  1. Hi Alan. Really enjoying your books and addnibs. Can you put my mind at rest. We’re you in my class at Granton School with the teacher Miss Cormack? We played fitba on the top of the hill opposite where you lived on Granton Cresent. Your books bring back many memories. Thanks! John Collins


      1. That’s great Alan. Really proud of you. I pass the books off to my 93 year old Ma tae read here in Canada and it brings a huge smile to her face. Ah knew the Addisons fae the Cresent she would say. A lot of memories come gushing back for us. Cheers Alan!

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