Reviews on Lullaby of the Soul

“Loving it.”

“Loved Lullaby of the Soul great read picked it up never put it down till the end loved the throw backs and the surprises
Once again Mr Addison another outstanding novel
Canny wait for the next one.’

“Hi Alan, I have just finished reading your book, it was great to take a trip down memory lane through the street names and of course our Leith motto to persevere. I was taken on a journey through the war, experiencing it through the eyes of the characters. As I finished the book a dragonfly landed on me, spiritually it symbolises change, transformation, adaptability, self-realisation and good luck. Thank you for this contribution to the world.

“Hola Alan. Your book Lullaby of the Soul is very good and well written. I enjoyed reading it. Describing the situation in Leith during the First War World. I learnt how the community lived during those years. Felicitaciones and gracias amigo.”

“I couldn’t put this book down. Spent the morning reading it and loved every minute.”

“A storyline that touched the soul.”

“Really enjoyed reading this emotionally charged story.”

“It is so different from the other books yet needed to be written. It bridges them all.”

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